Dr. Matsos of the Boris clinic at McMaster University explains lupus Canada’s Lets Talk Lupus series.

Joint and muscle pain can be very difficult for a #lupus patient. Dr. Matsos of the Boris clinic at McMaster University explains more about this in Lupus Canada’s #LetsTalkLupus series https://www.lupuscanada.org/video


Lupus Myth: Headaches are a Manifestation of Neurologic Lupus by Johns Hopkins Rheumatology

The old American College of Rheumatology criteria in the definition of what is considered to be brain lupus included headaches. Patients would be treated for these headaches as if they were part of lupus. Studies since have shown that headaches in lupus patients are not more common than in the general population.

6 Lesser Known Symptoms of Lupus6 Lesser Known Symptoms of LupusNewLifeOutlook

  1. In this video NewLifeOutlook community member Anna Scanlon (https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAnnai…) discusses some lesser known symptoms of lupus.

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Hi everyone. My name is Anna Scanlon. And you are watching New Life Outlook. Today we are going to talk to you about some lesser known Lupus symptoms. 

Now when you talk about Lupus, most people already know about the joint pain, the fatigue, the rashes, but there are some other symptoms that can go along with Lupus that aren’t necessarily as present and they are often a lot lesser known. 

The first one that I’m going to talk about is psychological symptoms in Lupus. People with Lupus often suffer more from depression and anxiety than most people. It’s kind of a chicken or the egg situation. You don’t really know if the depression and anxiety is caused by the Lupus itself, or it’s caused by situations like being home-bound, being ill, and things like that, that will cause people to feel a bit more depressed and anxious. However, there is something also known as Lupus-Induced Psychosis. This is usually present during a flare and it will resolve with high doses of steroids. However, you can also develop psychosis from too much Prednisone. So that is also something that your doctor would keep an eye on. Very rarely, Lupus-Induced Psychosis, will also occur without a flare , and in that case, your doctor will treat it with normal anti-psychotic drugs. But the good news is that in any case of Lupus-Induced Psychosis, it is usually resolved within two to four weeks. And luckily, it doesn’t become as present in people’s lives as normal psychosis. 

Some people with Lupus also experience really severe headaches and these aren’t just regular kind of ‘blah’ headaches. But these are crushing migraine-type headaches. If you are experiencing something like that, and you have Lupus, it’s worth talking to your doctor about it, because they may be able to curb the symptoms with higher doses of Vimovo suppressants. 

As you know, Lupus is a disease in which the body attacks itself and the nervous system is no different from that. Some people, although rarely, will experience symptoms of their body attacking their nervous system, which may result in feeling like you have pins and needles, feeling like you are sunburned when you are not, or other kinds of stinging, tingling, or burning sensations. 

They also experience secondary symptoms of Lupus in you mouth, and this can mean that you can get Candida or an oral thrush infection, and that can be treated really easily with a topical treatment or a topical ointment prescribed by your doctor or dentist. It’s not a big deal, but it can be very painful and annoying. 

And more seriously, although a bit more rare, some people with Lupus have trouble holding the teeth in their mouth because their bones become so weak. So if you feel like your teeth are weaker, or weakening, it’s definitely worth it to take a trip to your dentist just to ensure that things are okay. 

  1. Thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in my next video. Bye.

Ever wonder how you can cover up a rash on your face?

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The symptoms of lupus can be easy to dismiss. Here are a few symptoms that may be warning signs of this autoimmune disease.

12 Symptoms of Lupus

By Paige Greenfield

1. Joint Pain

Most people with lupus report pain in their joints as one of the first symptoms of the disease. You may also experience pain, inflammation, or weakness in your muscles.

2. Chest Pain

Lupus can cause inflammation that can affect your organs and lead to serious problems. Symptoms such as chest pain could be a sign of inflammation around the lungs, in the heart, or in the membrane surrounding the heart. Pneumonia is also a sign that lupus has affected the lungs.

3. Kidney Problems

Lupus can cause inflammation of the kidneys and affect their ability to rid your body of toxins and other waste. Symptoms include blood in the urine; urinating frequently, especially at night; and unexplained swelling in the feet, legs, fingers, and arms. Untreated, it can cause permanent damage. Your doctor can check for kidney issues with urine or blood tests. the rest at  https://healthguides.healthgrades.com/article/12-symptoms-of-lupus?cid=33fbcon0317v7

See the rest ate 

What is Lupus and how can we improve the lives of patients ?

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