With Lupus, Here Are 5 Ways to Stay Warm in Cool Weather


Feeling Like Fall: 5 Ways to Stay Warm with Lupus in Cool Weather

1. Never go to bed col

  Nothing worse  l than getting into a freezing cold bed at night .  You should consider looking into a heated mattress pad that has multiple heat settings.

2. Purchase clothing that can be layered

When building your outfit, consider sweat-wicking, stretchy, and comfortable fabrics

3. Warm up through liquids

When the temperatures drop, drinking warm liquids throughout the day and staying hydrated is one of the quickest ways for me to warm up.

4. Invest in some heat packs

If you need another way to stay warm over the next few months, I highly recommended adding heat packs to your list. A variety of brands and sizes can be found on Amazon

5. Protect yourself from germ

This isn’t necessarily a “warming” tip, but it is something I do consistently when the weather gets cooler to help protect myself from nasty germs. I make a shot-like drink that contains fresh crushed garlic, lemon juice, aloe vera juice, grated ginger, and honey. I have found that drinking this on a regular basis has really helped my already battered immune system stay in check. Sometimes I even add a dash of cayenne pepper for a little extra kick!


Nick Cannon talks about Living with Lupus

Lupus Foundation of America 

Published on Aug 7, 2014Entertainer and TV personality Nick Cannon announced in 2012 that he has lupus. Since then, he has chronicled his battle against lupus through his online videos, in the media and at personal appearances. Nick served as the Grand Marshal for the Lupus Foundation of America’s Washington, DC Walk to End Lupus Now event on April 19, 2014, and after participating in the walk, along with 4,000 other people, he sat down for a brief interview to discuss how he is living with lupus.

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Living With Lupus: Part 1 — A Lively Gurl

Hello, its been a couple of days since I have posted. Not to make excuses or anything but I haven’t been feeling all that great. I have said before that I want this to be a real experience with you guys and that this is my life blog. With that being said, Tuesday I went […]

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Exercises to Help Manage Back Pain

 Source: Exercises to Help Manage Back Pain

When we suffer from back pain all we want to do is sit still in a position that doesn’t cause pain. But in fact, this is liable to worsen it. Strengthening the muscles in other areas helps support the body and takes weight off the spine, leading to better posture and less pain. SomTetimes when we begin exercising and we have back pain, we can feel a pinching or another slight pain. But as your muscles grow in strength back pain and pain while exercising should decrease. If you feel a significant pain lasting for longer than 15 minutes during the routine call your physician.
Be sure to stretch and warm up a little first. Avoid toe touches however. This exercise stresses the ligaments and disks in the spine and could make your pain worse. If you have lower back pain, partial crunches are good. They will strengthen the muscles in the back and stomach. Here you lie on the floor crossing your arms in front of you. You tighten your abdominal muscles and lift yourself up. Take a breath every time you rise and breathe out as you descend. Don’t use your elbows or arms to lift up. Make sure your feet are flat and that your tailbone never leaves the mat. Do eight to 12 of these and slowly increase as you get used to doing them.
Sit-ups are actually not so good. They put pressure on the spine and only really exercise the hips. Hamstring stretches are good for the back. Lie down and take a towel about the size of a hand towel with you. Put it on the middle of the bottom of your foot. Extend your leg out slowly and hold on to each end of the towel, guiding the leg up. Hold for 30 seconds then bring it down again. Do each leg two to four times. Practice these and you’re bound to notice the difference.
Talk to your doctor before taking on a new regimen of exercises for your condition, and see which ones are right for you. For serious conditions a physical therapist may be necessary. For others, a personal trainer who knows how to accommodate back conditions also proves helpful. Exercises that are not recommended for your condition could actually make it worse, so make sure to discuss the issue at length with a professional.

Lupus Transformation

Lupus In Color


This lupus transformation through cocoons of pain is hard. You can’t deny it and you can’t ignore it. You can only understand that this difficult but beautiful metamorphosis will create a strong butterfly of change, power, bravery and strength in you.


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Lupus In Color


Just because lupus makes you sick doesn’t mean you aren’t well. Wellness is a state of mind that can help you beat lupus. Get to a wellness of mind and spirit, it is essential to get the upper hand over lupus. #LupusInColor

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